Zkittlez (AAA) (ounce)

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Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

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Zkittlez is an indica dominant hybrid, bred by crossing Grape Ape and Grapefruit, as well as another undisclosed strain. This bud packs a flavourful punch – emitting a tropical blend of sweet, fruity flavours. This flavour packed strain is relatively mellow in nature, beginning with an uplifting and euphoric cerebral buzz that will have the user feeling focused and creatively inspired. These effects are accompanied by a relaxing body high that slowly spreads throughout the entire body – leaving the user in a pain free, relaxed state. Zkittlez is most effective in treating conditions such as chronic pain, depression, stress or anxiety, and inflammation.

19 reviews for Zkittlez (AAA) (ounce)

  1. psychicsloth

    I just picked up about 7 grams of this ridiculously chronic strain for 45$ today from my home and I must say it’s definitely one of my favorites right off the bat. These nugs are fuckin’ COATED in trichomes. Lovely relaxing but focused high. Great for my anxiety and paranoia.

  2. db0422

    I have the hardest time getting hungry. It usually takes combinations of strains to get me to choke down a few mouthfuls of food. This strain caught me completely by surprise; Ten hits in and I devoured an entire pizza by myself. It was amazing, my wife cried.

  3. cosmosinsanity

    Lifted to the Gods ! Never pass up on this strain ! Physical well being , Mental Clarity , Spiritual Purity After some time passed, my hands started shaking and my heart rate rate increased. Surprisingly, I did not get paranoid or anxious. I was very calm. I grabbed a bottle of alkaline water and rehydrated. After that, I elevated to a divine state. This is easily my favorite strain alongside King Louie OG , and Sour Diesel.

  4. Panzersoldat249

    This was my first ever strain and was NOT disappointed

  5. Tophercaringo31

    overrated strain. effects are mild doesnt hit a good note on either indica ir sativa side

  6. RhythmicSloth

    The flavour is definitely an artificial kinda sweetness, I don’t think it tastes too much like actual skittles though. The feel starts to set in slowly below the eyes but fully sets in in the chest. It can be dizzying initially for the casual smoker so tread lightly. The high is very relaxing, I didn’t want to be stood up long but it had a kind of dumb inspiring focus while it relaxes you and zones you out, perfect for enjoying a film, having sex or doing something creative.

  7. kfenton70

    Skittles smells n tastes fruity flowery smell . Its just up my street this smoke is also makes u feel tired n feel like im floating. Nothing seems to much trouble rn uno i will happily do wat i’m told. No more aching body . Skittles have smooth down all the chronic ache’s I’ve got. Boooooom😍

  8. DREDAY81

    😃This strain is so smooth and laid-back, good for a good movie Video Games make you really focus,You can just turn the TV off and fall asleep, that’s how good it is👏🏾🏆!

  9. Gabburrito

    It’s a good strain, really good head high, but you get dry mouth bad and don’t expect to do anything energetic after smoking because it glued me to the couch. The high was really nice, especially if you gulp down some cold water after taking a nice hit. Very tasty, not much of a body high but definitely a head high, peak was good, sometimes a bit too short though.

  10. JT_zooted

    I am stoned after two pipefuls of this Zkittles bud. It’s truly a deep and juicy high. It tastes and smells very fruity similar actual Skittles candy. I feel like this is a strain that a true stoner would love. I’m going to go get McDonald’s right now and listen to Alice In Chains. This high is intense. I would not drive after smoking this potent strain. I am blunted. Dumb high. This is the weed you want to smoke with your boys. 9.5/10

  11. Sevensmoke

    Yo, this is an amazing strain. Me and the fiance’ really enjoyed this one as it tastes just like candy. Careful though, this one creeps up on you slowly so we were high as a kite after only a few pulls. Great addition to a night on the couch watching tv. we had a few Gut-busting laughs, a great conversation and then passed out on the couch and slept like babies until the morning!!! cant wait to do it again. Dont pass on this strain if you need to relieve some stress and relax your soul.

  12. asapmarky14

    Good taste as u inhale and exhale . After taste Is sweet but this got a lil kick to it in the chest . Super intense high once the effects kick in 😂

  13. ScorpioTaco

    Energetic Happy, RELAXED

  14. Dodgerfog33

    So the Bud tender at my local Shop said i should try this strain based on what I told her I like from my high. I got to say she was pretty spot on. I tried this in a vape cartridge testing at 86% THC for .5 gram 30 bucks. I like Indicas and Hybrids. This test in at 65/Indica 35 Sativa. I decided to give it a try. The taste just from a dry pull is a nice fruity with a bit of floral taste to it. delicious!!! The first time I hit the Vape twice within minutes i was baked. I felt it in my head and in my body. the high was so good and so relaxing. I Suffered absolutely no Paranoia which is a great for me as i often do with strain with sativa effects. great for a night to relax and feel focused or just to watch a Movie. I tend to get a bit of hunger from this strain, which is good ill usually smoke before dinner to get the extra Satisfaction from the food. The high Lasts about an hour before needing another Puff or 2. Another thing this strain does make me is very aroused. after an evening of smoking this the Sleep i get is great. i would recommend trying this strain if you are like me and get paranoid easily from many strains, like a relaxed high and are looking to chill. Also can make you very talkative or social around friends. I really enjoyed this strain and definetely recommend giving it a try. 5 stars for me

  15. mizzoubret

    I watched Cash Cab for 3 hours and thought I was part of the show by answering every question wrong although I kept telling my dog I was an expert in answering trivia questions. He seemed far less interested than I did.

  16. JMStei

    Not a strain I see very often in the Netherlands. And when I do see it I buy it every single time. This is without a doubt the best tasting strain I’ve ever had. I’m not kidding it actually tastes like you’re smoking skittles. Which is why my friends and I always say “smoke the rainbow” whenever we get this. Absolutely one of my favorite strains.

  17. Nesdem0na

    Laughy-happy high in the morning. Uplifted. Relaxed. Wore off quickly with no “come-down” effects.

  18. kristy54321

    I like this strain. Tastes great, smells great. Will not bother those that dislike the smell of weed. It is a more energetic indica for me. Good for relaxing, but not too much. Can cause me some anxiety if over consumed.

  19. wtfmonday

    Though this strain has been around for several years now, I only now have the opportunity to try it. And wow. Just WOW. If you are going for a great body high with total relaxation, this is it. But yet, didn’t make me so tired feeling I fall asleep (unless I want to). It just provides amazing relaxation. The flavor is good. You would almost expect a strain named after candy to have an overpowering fruity/floral taste… And it does have those flavors.. But they aren’t excessively so.. You get a nice peppery taste, followed by a mellow floral/fruit flavor.. One thing about this strain tho.. it makes me get munchies and eat sooooo much.. worse and moreso than any other strain I’ve ever tried lol.

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