Strawberry OG (AAAA) (ounce)

Indica Dominant Hybrid 85% Indica / 15% Sativa


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Indica Dominant Hybrid 85% Indica / 15% Sativa



 muscle spasms, and chronic anxiety.

7 thoughts on “Strawberry OG (AAAA) (ounce)

  1. Foolmoose says:

    Amazing just amazing! try it! I’m on it now! I only review strains this early if I’m 100 % sure I love it. it hits quick, feels very happy and euphoric! This is my favorite one so far! taste like flowers! it’s good. yeah horny is a thing as well! I agree! okay I’m high so ttly guys!

  2. loosestrife says:

    very sharp, crystalline, tightrope at mile-high mind with very little bodily effect. there is some morning-after residual trace like a light hangover. so maybe 4.75 stars because of this and maybe not.

  3. Awesome strain. Great all-arounder that works just as well during day as evening. Tilts more towards active than sleepy, but giggly and perfect level of “out of it.”

  4. papoose92 says:

    It hits hard to the back of your throat. Doesn’t really have a taste but its pretty potent. Good for pain and nausea.

  5. Wooooooow!!!!!! its sooooo amazing thanks for my parcel totally recommending y’all to my pals!!!!!!

  6. nice delivery time thank you!

  7. I was suggested this website via my cousin. Great products and prices

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