OG Kush (AAAA) (ounce)

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Slight Sativa Dominant Hybrid 55% Sativa / 45% Indica


23 reviews for OG Kush (AAAA) (ounce)

  1. kaitlynhahs

    more of a hyper strain. still a bit relaxed a little into it. very fun strain. strong as fuck too

  2. CompGhos

    leiiiisure suit lorebzookkkkk

  3. RbrtRasta

    The porcentajes very well. In mai opinion you must put only the positiv. Goodbuy.

  4. ArmchairRambo

    This strain is a legend for a reason. It has everything you could want in Kush/Indica. Very potent.

  5. DrMota

    This is A INCORRECT ORIGIN OF OG KUSH. In 1979 seeds were brought down from Humboldt County, California to the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. This is where a Pure Indica was Crossed with a High THC Mexican Sativa for a Mexican Community Organization know As Original Gangsters. Here is where it was 1st Developed and Indoor Production Began of The Original OG Kush. From Here Seeds were sent to Amsterdam and OG Kush Has Become the Standard for the Cannabis Community Worldwide Hundreds, if not Thousands of Strains, have OG Kush Genetics in the development of those Strains. It’s Been Cleaned Up, as a Politically Correct Marketing Tactic by OG Referring to “Ocean Grown”. In 2009-10 I developed an Updated OG Kush named True OG or CODENAME: OG2K This was a Cross from the Finest 100% Indica from Humboldt County With a 32%THC Mexican Indica Bliss backcrossed to the Original OG Kush In 2010 it won a 1st Place in a Cannabis Cup OG Category. If you like OG Kush You Will LOVE True OG. OG Kush Has Won Hundreds of Awards and Probably Goes Down as The Most Well-known Strain in History!

  6. GhostMachintosh

    Decent High overall calming and perfect for a chill night with the boyz. Probably my favorite hybrid strain. 🙂

  7. Jefford420

    Super fun, couch potato. Helps with shit appetite and depression.

  8. Roeboat

    I fuckin love this shit. Makes my eyes super dry, but helps a lot with my back pain, insomnia, and depression/anxiety.

  9. Woody0257

    Some of my favorite strains are blended with the OG. Solid strain.

  10. MoonRockMama

    My favorite strain for 15 years!!! My go to strain for sleep or a good relaxing time

  11. Sam_XC420

    It’s a fine line we humans walk between pleasure and pain. The fetish community is founded upon the myriad different manners in which that particular boundary is blurred. For example, many catchers in the celebrated history of the game of baseball have described the practice of ‘railroading’ – the head-on collision with a base runner at the plate – as the most physically gratifying act their sport will allow. That fairly describes the experience here. It comes on with an irresistible early buzz, causing you to consider what boundaries might be within reach to start pushing, and eventually comes on full-force and literally knocks you backwards.

  12. Abismif

    Love it 😍

  13. mrallzwell

    You cant go wrong with OG superb five stars all day.

  14. Motothejojo

    I remember the first time I ever smoked this strain.. I was at the sketchiest party I’d ever been to in my life at 17 years old, I sat down on this couch with 3 other dudes who were on a couch across from me on the other side of a glass table, alll of a sudden, this old stoner guy, you know the kind I’m talking about, comes over and sits down and picks up my pipe (I had a realll wide and deep dished pipe, it was my favorite pretty much ever) he pulls out a nug probably at least 3 grams, and we can all smell it instantly. He loads my pipe, weed falls all over the table all around it, he takes 2 hits and just says, “that’s some OG Kush, you can just keep the rest of it” and he just walked off. It’s still to this day, one of the best strains I’ve ever had, and one of the best smoke seshes I’ve ever had. That particular grow, was just perfect, absolutely perfect. I smoked it all right then, after taking a picture to document that glorious moment in the history of my life.

  15. Gzzvn

    Great before bed

  16. L0rdQuas


  17. MamaRivka

    Nice strong scent, though burns up easily. Great high

  18. Phoenixfire1600

    giggly. hard to follow conversation. euphoria. time travel

  19. Josue99533


  20. DClove

    Its like putting on a weighted blanket… or just receiving a nice long hug.. so relaxed, great body high. Great for sleep and relaxing

  21. ItsRexxys

    Not the best overall strain but it gives you a good high but if you smoke it, it will give you a headache over awhile

  22. It feels like you’re a passenger going down big Sur (specifically, South PCH). It’s chill.

    It feels like you’re a passenger going down big Sur (specifically, South PCH). It’s chill.

  23. Yolanda

    Just what i was looking for, big big big gas pressure

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