Girl scout cookies (GSC) TOP SHELF (ounce)

(5 customer reviews)

$350.00 $290.00

22.76% THC


This California native has sprinted its way to fame in recent years, gobbling up awards left and right for its potency. In masterful balance of soaring euphoria and deeply relaxing physical effects, it’s no wonder that GSC ranks #2 in the California market.

5 reviews for Girl scout cookies (GSC) TOP SHELF (ounce)

  1. Roman

    So good cheers

  2. Sallie

    Still Haven’t recieve my parcel yet, cant wait my mouth is watery lol

  3. Taylor

    Enjoying the top quality…

  4. Dannielle

    Will definitely be back again thanks!

  5. Kevin

    I could use some help checking out thanks

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