If you’re starting to delve into the world of cannabis consumption, you may hear about cannabis concentrates. Concentrates are essentially ultra-concentrated cannabis that is made by separating resin from the flower. This process extracts the maximum amount of cannabinoids possible, creating a more potent product. Concentrates are found in many cannabis products, from vaporizers to edibles. However, there are dozens of different types of concentrates and extracts available that appear in a variety of forms. Here are just a few of the most common types of cannabis concentrates available from your local weed dispensary.

what are the different types of cannabis concentrates?

Budder, also sometimes called badder wax, is a wax-like cannabis concentrate that is softer, oilier, and more viscous than most waxes. It is made at a higher temperature than similar waxes and it’s whipped during the extraction process, which gives is a unique texture. Budder has few cannabinoids but is much richer in terpenes than other hash oil extractions.


Crumble can be thought of as a brittle version of budder. Where budder is made at a high temperature and whipped, crumble is left on low heat so the solvent can evaporate gradually. This allows the product to retain full flavor.

Shatter is an extremely common cannabis extract that can be found at just about any local weed shop. It’s popular because it’s one of the purest cannabis concentrates on the market, with upwards of 80% THC. It looks like a colored piece of glass or hard candy, but it doesn’t have a distinguishable taste. It can be hard to work with, but there are several ways that you can use the final product.

Sugar wax is made similarly to shatter; it is made through the process of butane extraction. It looks just like you would imagine brown sugar to look, i.e. shiny, slightly sticky, and crumbly. Sugar wax is often made using cannabis strains that are prone to retaining water, as this creates the best result. Sugar products are rarely uniform in nature and can be any color from light yellow to amber.

Crystallines are the purest forms of cannabis available from any marijuana dispensary. In crystallines, the THC or CBD is extracted and isolated from all other cannabinoids. This results in pure isolate crystals that have no color, flavor, or aroma. Crystallines can have up to 99.9% pure THC content.


THC oil is a common name for all types of cannabis oil concentrates that are rich in THC. These oils are intoxicating and can be delivered by tincture, capsule, or vaporizer for euphoric effects. These are one of the most common forms of cannabis concentrates